Introduction: Kid Friendly Fluffy Tutu!

Ever feel the need to don a fluffy tutu?
I'll teach you how to make one comparable to tutus sold in boutiques.

They are SO easy to make, I don't know why people spend so much on them. I've seen some for $60+!!!!

Step 1: Gather These Things

All you need to make a smashing good tutu is:

1.) Measuring Tape

2.) Tulle (2 colors)
- 4 yards of dark pink and 3 yards of light pink tulle are used to make the pink tutu pictured in the intro.

3.) Elastic (Non-Roll)

4.) Needle and Thread (Any color that won't show through/matches the tulle.)

  • Optional things can be, but are not limited to:
Ribbons (Shown on the finished pink tutu.)
Artificial Flowers
Additional Colors of Tulle

Step 2: Measure and Cut

1.) Measure your waist where you want the tutu to sit.
- Cut your elastic half an inch larger than your waist.

2.) Determine how long you would like your tutu to be.
- Double that measurement for the length of the tulle.
  • If you would like a layered tutu just make one of the colors at least 4 inches longer.
- The width of the tulle should be 5 inches for the darker color, 3 for the lighter.
- Cut the tulle into rectangular strips using your predetermined measurements.

  • The inch measurments in step 2 are to be followed if you are making a tutu for a person. The doll's tutu length should be 2 inches longer for the layered effect, and 1 or 2 inches wide.

Step 3: Sew

Sew your elastic end to end, making a belt.

Make sure your stitches are strong.

Step 4: Attach Tulle

Here's the fun part! Have your Little One help with this.

1.) Fold one piece of tulle in half
2.) Place the loop behind the elastic
3.) Bring the ends of the tulle up and through the loop
4.) Tighten
5.) Alternate and Repeat

Step 5: Tah-Dah!

Now your tutu should look this spectacular!

You can embellish it with whatever suits your fancy.

Just remember, possibilities are endless with your imagination!
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