Introduction: LittleBits Circuit Training Timer

Use littleBits to get fit! Create this timer to help you keep track of when you should move on to a new circuit while you are working out. When you press the button on top of this timer, it will wait 5 minutes before the buzzer goes off. Every time you press the button it resets with anther 5 minutes, letting you get back to your workout.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Craft Supplies:


Permanent Marker

Glue gun and glue

Tape or colourful paper for decoration


Power block, timer, buzzer, button, 3 orange wires, DC motor

Step 2: Build a Box

Create a box by gluing together scrap cardboard. Leave part of the box un-glued so all the littleBits pieces can fit in.

Make sure to cut a hole in the top where the littleBits button can fit through and a whole on the front side where the DC motor can fit through.

Step 3: Assemble Your LittleBits

Put your littleBits together in the following sequence:

Power bit, orange wire, DC motor, orange wire, button, orange wire, buzzer

This will leave enough space between bits so the button can be taped to the top of the box from the underside and the DC motor can be attached to the front of the box from behind

Step 4: Decorate Your Timer

Draw a clock on the front of your timer. This clock is just for decoration so don't stress over whether it's accurate.

Cover the top and sides of the timer in tape or paper. Don't forget to wrap a piece of tape around the end of the DC motor to act as a clock hand.

Step 5: Get Your Fit On!