Introduction: Locating the Problem on Your Motorbike. Fixing.

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i guess you MOTOrBikE isnt working very well!, 
Well!!! firstly you need to find what the problem is !! so its going to be out of these things.
ELECTRICAL - wires, spark, coil. so on
FUEL - carby, fuel lines, intake.
MECHANICAL - pretty much everything that moves!!
you have to watch this video ! and find out what the problem is. 

Step 1: ALRIGHT PEOPLE!!! Is It the Electrical?

Ok! is your bike not even starting at all? or sometimes works and sometimes doesnt? well it could be something in your electrical circuit. if you remove the spark plug and put it up against the engine body with the hood on the spark plug. The turn over the engine and see if the spark plug sparks if it does that means its either fuel or mechanical. but if it doesnt spark, check that the charging circuit works the wiring is all put together properly. then see if its the coil or the spark plug, if you have another bike use its spark plug to see if the spark plug has died. then you might have found you problem. incase you didnt watch it before watch the video for the electrical stuff!

Step 2: IS IT THE FUEL??????

have you started you bike recently ? 
yes? - maybe something has broken or built up dust and clogged the pipes for the fuel to go through
no? - maybe the fuel has gotten old and clogged up the carby and pipes messing everything up.
signs there is a fuel problem is the bike sputtering, stalling, very little power and hard to start.
then you might have to adjust the carby or fuel system, and believe me this video is easily the best  video on youtube to fix that problem so please watch and learn to adjust.

Step 3: Is It Mechanical ????

is your bike making scary noises :/ 
i feel sorry for you !!! 
ok is it a clunk clunk clunk? like metal hitting metal *i cringe at the thought of that noise* 
well 90% that will be because of the oil, either not getting enough of it or to dirty. so CLEAN AND CHANGE YOUR OIL!! 
sometimes if you stop the noise straight away your engine will be on other times it just makes a pretty little mess of ground metal and evilness. 
then you have to look in buying a new engine, or doing a complete rebuild.
although sometimes its not that bad, sometimes if someone has put the engine together wrong it could be the timing is out of sync. so that needs to be fixed !
this is what i have had to do on some of my bikes :/ this is how much you have to pull it apart, watch this video !

and this is another one i did a while ago

Step 4: Is It Cosmetic?

doesnt you bike look good enough ?? just look at these videos to make it look sSOOOOOO much better

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