Introduction: Make Paper Cup Helicopters!

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I've always wanted to make something that would fly. I had some...not some, A LOT of paper cups. So I thought just make something with them? So here's my idea:

Step 1: Your Inventory

Here's what you will need:
A paper cup
a fan

Step 2: Decorating (optional)

draw on the paper,
wrap the paper around the cup so the drawing is facing out,
cut the extra paper off, Glue to cup.

Step 3: Cutting

cut to the bottom of the cup once. about 2 centimeters over, do it again. repeat till you get back were you started.

Step 4: Fold

fold them down so it looks like a sun.

Step 5: Up UP UUUUUUUPPPPP and Away!

put fan face up on the floor. turn it on. put your finished product over the fan. YAY it sours!

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