Introduction: Mdf Vault Door

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big mdf vault door. it's a none moving door.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


mdf (18mm)

pvc piping (plumbers piping)

regular lumber (38mmx89mm)

bendable mdf

primer paint

spray paint

laquer paint


router (festool OF2200)

mitter saw (festool Kapex)

plunge saw (festool ts55)

table saw (festool cs70)

impact driver

Step 2:

first thing to do is determin the height-depth-length of the door. In this case the door had a was 220cm and the depth was 40cm

we cut door out of 2 pieces of mdf (18mm) so we needed 4 half circles. joining the pieces together with dominos. wooden pieces were screwed between the 2 circles and the whole door screwed shut with the bendable mdf on the side.

next we routed some additional pieces of mdf and drilled holes in them to replicate the steel handles on the door.

a lot of routing had to be done to create all the additional pieces to make it look like a real vault door.

Step 3: Tear Down and Rebuild on Site + Painting

we reassembled the door on site after we painted the first couple of coats in the workshop.

we screwed the door onto our wooden exhibition structures at an angle so visitors could see the door and know they had to walk through the opening to reach the next part of the exhibition.

Step 4: Finishing the Door

The door was then painted with laquer paint, the pvc pipes were mounted and we drilled some additional holes to put some bolt in to make it look and feel like a real door.


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