Introduction: Melon Bowl

This is a fanciful and easy melon bowl. You can put assorted fruits and other things inside of it. This uses knifes so make sure you do this under adult supervision.

Step 1: What You Need

The tools your going to need include:
chef knife
melon baller
paring knife*
and any thing else that might be helpful to you
* means not shown

Step 2: The Cuts

So when you start make sure that the bottom is flat or it will roll. You can cut the bottom but make sure your not to deep.First find the middle part of the melon and make a cut diangle then follow in the order all away around, the melon should look like its got sharp mountain peaks. You have to make shure that the v shape cuts are all the way through. Next the top should come right off.

Step 3: Balling the Inside

choose which side you like better and start using the melon baller . Make sure that you dont dig out the bottom of the bowl. Ball it out untill its deep enough or you have enough balls. Don't worry about it not looking nice on the sides, we'll clean that up later.

Step 4: Cleaning the Inside

Making the sides if the peaks look nice, use a paring knife to cut the extra red melon away but leave some for it to look good. To make your bowl not have any marks or gouges it, scrape away the sides untill smooth. You will get a lot of liquid when scraping so pour it out once in a while. You can take out the scraps and put them some where. (or eat them).

Step 5: Filling the Bowl

Rinse and wash your fruits,then you can dry the inside of the bowl. I did so there was no extra water. then (since you have a ton of melon) cover the majority of the bottom with melon, the throw in the rest of your fruits (we used kiwi, grapes and blueberries).

Step 6: All Done

Now once the fruit is in your all done. I hoped you like it, this was my very first instuctable, so leave commets I will read them and answer any questions. I hoped you enjoyed and thanks for reading.