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Former sgt. squad leader in a USMC rifle company. 3rd Squad, First Platoon, India Co., 3rd Bn, 25 Marine Regiment.
  • 0311 commented on drinkmorecoffee's instructable Make Your Duct Tape Better.2 years ago
    Make Your Duct Tape Better.

    I mean sticking tighter than it does on the roll, just to permanently glue the end down.

    Nice instructable. Seems too simple, but I did not think of it. Tape only sticks to itself slightly so you can get it off theroll. This means that after you wrap it around something, the end is not secured. We need a substance that can be applied at this point to cause the end to stick tightly & be non-remo vable.

    Of course you can't use duct tape to seal ducts. What else do you expect in the land of crybabies, flakes, fruits and nuts.

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