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  • 22Guy commented on tomsweet65's instructable The Care and Feeding of the Armalite AR-72 years ago
    The Care and Feeding of the Armalite AR-7

    In step #14 of Weapon Assembly, you state: "the arms of the spring criss-cross, so the left arm is on the right and the right on the left". It took me a couple of years of fighting random (about 2%) FTFire and FTEject problems to determine that this instruction is incorrect. The spring legs should NOT be crossed. Crossing them does make assembly easier, but it causes the spring coils to pinch at the rear and flare at the front (when the bolt moves back). Since the cover and receiver side contain this flare, the coils flare inward and pinch the hammer - impeding it's movement.Hopefully, you can correct the instructable. Now, my Survival Arms AR-7 never has failures. Thanks!

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