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  • 2419 commented on Adam Gabbert's instructable Wooden Knuckle Dusters1 year ago
    Wooden Knuckle Dusters

    Yeah, but you & I both know "knuckle-draggers" who could legitimately claim your creation is just protection for their delicate hands ;)And we all know that a roll of pennies is just as effective as custom-made brass or wood knucks and are totally legal.By the way, as a lawyer I can tell you that I know of no state that does NOT outlaw "knucks" so all should be aware they're looking for trouble if they are carried outside your property. To see what your state's laws are just Google "GA (or your state) brass knuckles"

    Naw! No scroll-saw would fit my hand as well as this great little KD ;)

    Ain't it crazy? Anybody can carry a "walking" stick, weighted or un-, but not a KB. Go figger! But maybe for my bed-side table, along my LED'd Ruger.

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  • How to Make Drinks Coasters With Nails Inlay

    Nails are normally just iron,not steel or hardened, so easily cut with hack-saw, scroll saw, grinder or sander. But I sure like and credit your idea.Most impressive and thank you!

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