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  • AikonM commented on Kris S's instructable Simple DIY Volume Control Knob!1 year ago
    Simple DIY Volume Control Knob!

    You can use another version of the board to avoid a wire connection :)

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  • AikonM commented on FredericM's instructable Reuse old laptop webcam3 years ago
    Reuse old laptop webcam

    My camera have 5pins and 19n29m6ssb3 caption on backside (i cann't found manual).I use next tips to defined pins:1. To detect ground : connect through mulitmeter any pin and big non-isolated area on backside. 2. Definitly, twisted wires are D+ and D-. They must be connected to green and brown wires on usb cable.I don't know how to distinguish 3.3V camera from 5V. You can always use double sequenced diod 1N1004 (or same) on red-usb-wire for safety attemp.P.S. My camera pins are:black - 5V (usb-red)grey - D- (usb-white)red - D+ (usb-green)yellow and brown - GROUND (usb-black)

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