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  • Well, this is the DIY way for sure. Nice write up to give some expanded options for powering the PI with the wide voltage range, but if your like me and just want to easy solution that is cheap you can get one of these dual Raspberry pi Orange Pi power adapters for under $7 shipped.

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  • AjkT1 commented on Phil B's instructable EVERYONE Needs a Multi-Meter

    First Phil: You go tmy thumbs up. Good article and I agree - Everyone needs a multimeter, even a cheap one like the unit you linked, but their are better options available for the same price (see below)For anyone looking for the low end cheap multimeter I would take a look at this new model, as it is very similar to the Harbor Freight cheap multimeter linked in the instructable, but it is a new version by another brand with color coded functions, additional functions, and a real english manual which is a lot for a $6 multimeter

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  • AjkT1 made the instructable Basic Electronics
    Basic Electronics

    I was hoping to find this to thank you! I first read this when it first came out and I never had a interest in Electronics before this so I had to learn everything from the start. After reading this I searched around for the best electronics kit I could use to get some practical experience and learn more and a found the Make: Electronics Book and Kit by Charles Platt which worked great like you said I never felt on my own learning because I was able to ask the writer Charles questions and found help on forums online as well as other inscrutables, but it was you that got me starter!

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  • AjkT1 commented on randofo's instructable Basic Electronics

    No problem at all! I am happy to be helpful where I can, and that book and component kit make learning electronics easy and fun! Enjoy.

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