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  • Actually, the ice would aid in control of the heat caused by the chemical processes taking place during curing. Also the ice adds water to the mix which needs to be accounted for when calculating the mix ratios of the ingredients (how much cement, water, gravel and sand is needed to meet a certain PSI strength). Concrete mixes typically get "designed" as per the required PSI strength needed. Generally more cement is need if more water is added or the actual strength will be lowered below the intended design strength. Also concrete will continue to strengthen over time as long as there is water and un-hydrated cement available. So if you don't provide enough water in the concrete mix, the process of cement hydration will continue only until the water is used up.

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  • Cheating?? It's about creativity. I didn't know there was rules in regards to being creative.This is one cool piece of art!

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  • AlbertaDoc followed dessert and woodworking channel