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  • AlessandraM4 commented on msraynsford's instructable How to make cheap fake barb wire3 years ago
    How to make cheap fake barb wire

    I'm going to be making this (about 200' for a concert stage) as soon as my darling gets home from work with the string. Thank you so much. There was no way on this Earth or the next that I was paying $11.50 (CAD) for 7.5' of fake barbed wire. No freakin' way. I used stainless steel coloured metallic paint and darkened it ever so slightly with matte black for an oxidized look. Cost? Five bucks!

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  • Party Snack Serving Tip for Germaphobes

    This is such a clever little trick. I have oodles of random cupcake and candy papers left over from all sorts of baking and confectionery. This is a great way for me to use them up and keep peoples' yicky fingers outta my M&M's. Thank you!

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