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  • Not only that, but (I know this sounds far-fetched, but it isn't!) the natural animal response, in the kingdom of mammals, is to look away and NOT make eye contact when an animal is deferring to the superiority of another. Our pet dogs do it when they feel they have done something wrong, or do not wish to challenge our authority. Children do it too, when being chastised, and for an adult to say harshly "LOOK at me when I'm talking to you!" goes against their grain and makes them feel worse. I think we can all remember THAT one, when mum or dad was getting irate! Eye Contact IS important - according to circumstance.

    As a Dog Behaviourist, I will say the above is wholly accurate - but when it comes to Pack Dominance or superiority, the Beta animal will avoid a direct gaze into the eyes of an Alpha. Again, as I said, the circumstance is what matters. And it's not a question of bullying, it's just the way a pack animal knows its place. It works for them just fine.

    'np' are on different lines on the keyboard. YW (You're Welcome) are on the same (top) line. I find it easier - and more compliant - to use 'yw' than 'np'.

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