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  • Make Your Own Split Keyboard

    This is very good indeed. I just have a question. As a touch typist, when I type, say a capital “P”, I use the shift on the left side with my picky and use my ring finger (4th finger) to type the “p” key, so how would I do that with the keyboard you made? Thank you.

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  • Ambles commented on periprohus's instructable DIY Bicycle Turn Signal

    Hello. This is an excellent project! I am trying to make it, but I am having a bit of a problem understanding how to read the schematic. I have been trying to read up an learn how to read a schematic, but I haven't yet grasped it.Anyway, is it possible to show pictures so I can see exactly what attached to what. Can this also be done without the use of a breadboard. I know this project is two years old but if you could help me I would sooooo appreciate it. If pictures aren't possible, would you be able to draw for me in dummy form, what attaches to what?Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  • Super job! I just have a couple of questions:1. What about the weight of the batteries, do they slow down the bike at all?2. Since an electric wheelchair only has one speed, how do you convert that motor to have a varying speed?Thanks again. I am trying to figure out how I can cheaply make my bicycle and electric bike as I have really bad knees but want to ride my bike with the assist of the electric motor.

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  • This is the coolest project ever. It is exactly what I have wanted to do. In fact, I wish I knew how to take an older unused cell phone I have and make is bluetooth so I can answer and dial phone calls with it. This is so I have a spare handset so when I am doing work and cleaning around the house and I don't want to damage my "real" cell phone, I can just carry the handset with me.Anyway, this project is my most absolute favorite. Fantastico! Well, well done!

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