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  • AndriesS commented on frenzy's instructable Arduino Basics: PIR Sensors3 years ago
    Arduino Basics: PIR Sensors

    Hi,I have been wondering a few things.1 does it output only high or low or is there a way to read a numeric value?2 is it possible to use two pirs and follow the movement according to the 2 pirs, so if more right reading it looks more to the right and left same story.If anyone knows a pointer for me to look in it is very much appreciated.Keep up the good work.

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  • AndriesS commented on mikelllc's instructable EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter3 years ago
    EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter

    Hi Aonir,Any stepper would probably do fine, just find out the wires. It doesn't make a differents if it is a 4 or 5,6,7 even a 8 wire stepper, just find the 4 live ones you need.See image i attached.

    E-Bay maybe, i did... ;)

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  • AndriesS commented on sdfgeoff's instructable Meccano Robotics Prototyping3 years ago
    Meccano Robotics Prototyping

    Yep good tutorial, i also have being looking around to do some cheap prototyping, i always getting stuck with the building part with motors and gears and it will make my work much more easy and fun. I sure post some by the time i have made some with my son.

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  • Using a Single-Axis TB6560 Stepper Driver with GRBL/RAMPS

    You can use a 4,5,6 and even 8 pole stepper, just find out the common, these do not connect to anything.On the first photo you can see i used a 8 or 6 i don't know exact, but there are only 4 wires used. The second picture shows the TB6560's powered by a computer power supply and controlled by a 5 axis breakout board. On the TB's you also see 4 wires out to the steppers, the other side with more wires is from the breakout board and power supply.For the Amps, when it is not heavy used and everything moves smooth it probably wont use 3.25Amps, when it has to do a lot of effort to move then it will burn your board.

    As answered in my post, yes you can use a 4,5,6 and 8 wire stepper, see the pictures i posted, the way to find out witch ones you need is quit simple as in this post. the same with 5,6 and 8 wired steppers so you can salvage motors from old devices that use steppers and it will save you a big amount of money. The NEMA thing is some fashion thing i think, really all the engines i use are old ones and working great.About the breakout board, i use a five axis breakout board, easy, cheap and you can if you like set up some hardware end stops.The TB6560 is a stepper driver and not a breakout board.

    This is how to connect to and from the TB6560. See picture.

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