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  • AnnamarieD commented on Paige Russell's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Pencils1 year ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Pencils

    please do an instructable on this one.

    do they even make those anymore?

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  • AnnamarieD commented on kre84fun's instructable Simple 'No-Kill' Mouse Trap2 years ago
    Simple 'No-Kill' Mouse Trap

    most mice are too smart for this kind of trap, your scent would be all over that tp roll and that is why he wont use it...mice are far smarter than you give them credit for

    as a matter of fact, we have two or three field mice in our home, and i do in fact feed them and give them water. they NEVER chew on our wires or anything else...there has NEVER been any damages, all we have ever seen is a few tiny droppings....i see no reason to kill them, but we are making a different trap than the one shown, it is a no kill/no harm trap, out of a soda bottle and a clothes hanger...then we will drive out to a field down the road and release them...we wouldnt even try to catch them normally, but we are getting ready to move and i dont want the managers to exterminate them...i may even keep them if i can catch i already have a menagerie, one or two more would be welcome.

    who said they were released where they were not wanted? ever hear of field mice? they were here before you were....putting your home where it is, probably chased them from THEIR home...ever think of that?

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