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  • High Quality (and Safe) Copper Plating

    Guys I need help. I want to copper-plate an aluminum CPU heatsink (the stock AMD heatsink) for the purpose of improving its cooling performance. So my question is: Does this plating method work with aluminum? If not, then how should I do it? I already heard that copper doesn't plate well with aluminum and that you need to coat the aluminum with zinc first so the copper would stick. But this beats my purpose of efficient heat transfer. Zinc isn't very thermally conductive and will reduce the cooling performance. So I need a method that will produce an aluminum-to-copper contact.

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  • 2-day $20-$50 Blacksmithing Forge

    I'm not an expert, but what if we mix the clay with sand (50:50 ratio, I guess). It will greatly reduce shrinkage and water-trapping since sand doesn't shrink and doesn't hold water. I think it will also make the clay stronger and more heat-resistant. Silica sand would be better, as I've heard. Also, pulverizing the dry clay before mixing it with sand will be better. It will allow you to accurately measure the amount of clay (it's hard to measure the clay if it is wet, since the water in it is heavy).

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