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  • plz explain this code , I replaced code state==1 to state 'a' but it not work with alfa a key ? how to change num to alfa keys ????

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  • his app removed from play store , can i make it on mitAI2 ?? then what needs to add , is Bt and Speech Recognize in app is enough for this code ??

    voice can you please. upgrade this low cost project , that can control with Android touch buttons of Mit2 App instead only Voice :) :) . .

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  • ArjitS1 commented on msuzuki777's instructable ESP8266 As Arduino

    Thanks !!you finally cleared my Doubt of that - what whapped to its wifi features and communication firmwares , whenever i program it using ide for using its ports Gpios ??? or it can proctect its Original wifi fermwar to allowing it to rewrite code for gpios !! but now i wanna ask , can i use esp88 standalone as working wifi and with its gpio to be use at same time ?????

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  • So ....... After the thinking deep now my explanation is for why negative terminal of flyback transformer heat more then positive one , this is because when high voltage breakdown the air between it , by hight voltage potential and plasma then the air should breakdown in two parts one elecerons and other air's positively charged ions that moves opposite from electron direction , so because positive ions are massive then electron it carry heat of that plasma from the air towerds negativity charges electrode . That's it . !!!!

    Ohh my phone keypad is now crazy making mistyping

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  • ArjitS1 commented on Asier Marzo's instructable Acoustic Levitator

    can i use magnetic type ultrasonic Transducer instead pizoelectric Type or any mini speaker ????

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  • how to use attiny85 based 6 or 8 kb board or chip , for this project using software serial ?????

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