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  • The Complete Vegan Compost

    Worms are animals. However, there are two things that must be mentioned here. Firstly, I am not contributing any worms or microbial life from an outsourced environment. This compost is built assuming that the essential microbial life, such as worms, are already a part of the soil. Secondly, You are not caging, trapping, hurting, or killing in any shape or form any worm in this process. Rather, You are giving them a home. This process actually attracts worms because it is giving them the nutrients they need to survive, they can also leave at any point if they wish to not participate. This is an open system which benefits the life in the earth and us as humans ;) Thanks for the comments.

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  • Yes, the result ended up being plenty of high rich compost for the next season's veggies and fruits :)

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  • Thanks for all your comments!The difference is nothing, this compost contains the same nutrients as a standard compost would. This version only seeks to provide an alternative to growing healthy and high quality compost without the animal byproduct. It also tries to prove that a well-researched and biological solution is just takes some time and energy to learn about and implement :) Hope this helps!

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