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  • BA2506 made the instructable Polargraph Drawing Machine1 year ago
    Polargraph Drawing Machine

    I made it before one year. This is great machine and I loveit. I painted a plenty of nice pictures. I did two changes inconstruction.As first, instead of lift and drop console, I lift and droppen. In original solution, console had tendency jumping on vertical surface for example window. As second, I solved issue when cartridge of pen was empty inmiddle of painting. I extended pen with Eye drop bottle. I filled this bottlewith cotton wool and I bought ink the same color, as was pen.Still for me does not work solution with Arduino, where isused SD card.I am using this machine as standard vector printer. I printedsticker on bottle for my home made brewed beer

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  • BA2506 made the instructable Arduino Useless Box3 years ago
    Arduino Useless Box

    Me and my son made the same useless machine with few modifications. We love this machine. Short video:

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