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  • BarbMarch1958 commented on Auroris's instructable Pet Teepee/House

    Hi Auroris!First, your cats are BEAUTIFUL!! Second, your 'play and relax teepee' is pure genius! I'm about 12% Native American, from the Tribe of the Cherokee, and I try to make Native American items to add to my home decor to honor my heritage. I have 2 kitties, too, and I'll begin working on making 2 of these (you know, sibling rivalry!) right away. Thank you.Barb from Northeast Ohio

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  • Nate - I'm so glad you're one of those people who aren't afraid to disassemble things! Until I read this Instructable I didn't have any idea where to start with my tennis shoe "re-vamp!" Thanks to you, I have a great place to start. Thanks for your clear instructions and for naming the products you used. Barb from Northeast Ohio

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  • BarbMarch1958 commented on Swapnal's instructable CD Art

    How talented are you??!! I Love them!

    I'm afraid oil paint will never dry on a CD - it hardly dries on an artist's canvas. That's why oil paintings are never under glass - they are never DRY!

    With a beautiful button or polymer clay piece you can make EASILY - no one will be the wiser. Just make sure to attach a push pin to the button/clay piece from the back and it will serve to hold your CD art to the wall!

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