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I am retired, but working 3 days per week as a part-time lab technician.

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  • Chain Tension Adjustment on Vintage Honda Motorcycles

    These comments are an excellent addition to this very fine tutorial.

    Excellent job! Very good use of video and text; they go together well. I would only suggest that you use a new cotter pin instead of re-using the old one, and always carry a spare just in case.

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  • Barnbaby commented on bekathwia's instructable Film a Motorcycle2 years ago
    Film a Motorcycle

    Nice job! You really know the topic. The video looks great. I know it seems like quite a bit of gear to pull this off, but the results are impressive, and once you've mastered it, more good videos will be forthcoming. Being a motorcyclist myself, I can appreciate the attention to detail. Good luck, and keep the shiny side up!

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  • When you have to say goodbye, How to properly bury a pet.

    I want to thank you very much for this. I am thinking that it was probably hard for you to get this down in print; it had me tearing up a bit thinking of the "friends" that I have laid to rest. My last one is not far, in my backyard. I have one now who gives me the warmth of her slow gaze and easy going nature. We have shared many good moments; most of them fleeting, but all of them sincere. It is hard to think of that day when the inevitable must be dealt with. I am most grateful to have this document from you on hand to help me through.

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