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  • BarnyB1 commented on tjesse's instructable Survival Hardtack1 year ago
    Survival Hardtack

    Not to sound like an ignoramous, but considering that hard tack is just flour and salt, to which water is added and then removed, couldn't one just store flour and salt, then scarf them down together, and thusly omit the cooking process? Or does baking it somehow add to the longevity factor?

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  • BarnyB1 commented on Omega2's instructable DIY dentistry3 years ago
    DIY dentistry

    Very useful info on self inflicted tooth repair. Many people like myself are unable to afford professional dental care. Over the years, I have pulled one of my teeth, and repaired several broken teeth and lost fillings with quick set JB Weld epoxy. It lasts for several months at a time if you can keep the tooth dry while it sets for 5 minutes.

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