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  • BeenShockedOnceOrTwice commented on babblin5's instructable WIFI Antenna Hack!2 years ago
    WIFI Antenna Hack!

    Nope. built in wifi cards on laptops still use antennas that connect to the wifi card using same type of cable, but smaller, and is terminated with mini PCI connector. You can use an adapter cable like this one. small end snaps on to internal wifi card, and big end is where you screw your antenna on.

    Yes, I know this post is 6 years old.....but, it depends on several factors. First, are there any splitters or couplers in the service line either outside before entering the house, or inside before cable connects to the modem. Check behind wall plates too. This is common source of bad signal, especially if connections are corroded, or limit frequency throughput.2nd, make sure all connections are tight. oh, and if you found any splitters, make sure they don't cut off too low. 5Hz to 3GHz is ok, but get rid of the ones than only go to 900Hz. Also helpful when troubleshooting poor HDTV signal. Also helps if the Coax used on incoming line is 3G rated. It will usually say right on the outside of cable.3rd either your router is faulty, or configured incorrectly.


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  • The ultimate wifi network

    Don't you hate not having windows.

    However, I would recommend above all else, to ditch the powerline setup, and just run your line using CAT5e or CAT6 direct bury cable. Terminate ends after run is made, and test cable with toner before connecting to the AP.

    disagree about metal pole.agree about antennas.

    That's why he said in his post, something along the lines of....all devices must be hardwired for throughput, otherwise would go wireless.

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