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  • Electromechanical Decimal to Binary to Hexadecimal Converter

    Very Very Cool.. Just a little constructive critique, your schematic diagram is quite difficult to read, and is fairly cluttered.I would have shown a the connection from the chip, through the relay and to the segment on a single continuous diagram, but for just one segment, and make a note that the relay circuit is the same for each segment, and then just list off each segment circuit at the NXP chips.This would make it easier to follow and far easier for someone to use and expand for their own projects.

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  • How to Clean Camera Lens and Camera Using a Cleaning Kit

    Not bad instructable, a couple of thing to add.When cleaning any lens, always start from the middle and clean in a circular fashion outwards.With lens tissue, wipe once and throw away, get a new piece, consider using the puffer to remove the carbon from the lens pen.Last tidbit, try and clean the lens with the least number of wipes of lens tissue, the more you wipe, the more likely you'll build up a static charge, static means dust and madness...These might be a little overkill for the front of the camera lens(Objective Glass) but anything on the inside(especially with an SLR, removable lenses) a spec of dust, invisible to the naked eye on the focal plane will be a giant black lump in your photos....

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  • BenG30 commented on dizzle976's instructable Etching With Electricity 2 years ago
    Etching With Electricity

    That looks so simple and easy to do, and effective to..Awesome

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