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  • BenJ38 commented on PliskinAJ's instructable Making an Off Road Trailer. 7 months ago
    Making an Off Road Trailer.

    Very nice build, but it seems awfully overbuilt (1/4 inch material) and subsequently heavier than it needs to be for such a small trailer with such a small load potential. What was your max load goal, and how much weight did you think the tongue would have to support given that the tongue should support 9-15 percent of the gross trailer weight? Did you use a 2000lb or 3500lb axle? Thanks! I enjoyed the article, and enjoyed the pictures.

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  • BenJ38 commented on vbow's instructable Copper Rose3 years ago
    Copper Rose

    Actually, copper work hardens. Heating to red hot then rapidly quenching in water will "anneal," or soften the copper again.

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