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  • Benchkey commented on jessyratfink's instructable DIY vapor rub3 years ago
    DIY vapor rub

    If you have a bad cold, or the flu, there can be found nearly instant relief from Oil of Oregano. Place a drop or two under the tongue and hold it there as long as you can. (Nasty stuff). 30-45 seconds seem to be the limit for most people. Then swish water in your mouth and swallow it. Oil of Oregano is usually available in drug stores, but very price for a tiny jar ($30+-) Be sure it has a medicine dropper. Don't give to children, or bedridden. Personally its effects last about a half hour.

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  • TurbineOne - Basic Wind Turbine That Anyone Can Make

    IMHO horizontal windmills need to go way to high to make them practical for the homeowner. Better to design and build a vertical unit. The can be mounted virtually anywhere there is a breeze, they usually don't mind wind turbulence, and being low to the ground are exceedingly easy to maintain.

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