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  • BenjaminC65 commented on Frowney001's instructable Intel Edison IP Webcam3 years ago
    Intel Edison IP Webcam

    Recently built this with the most recent version of Yocto. There was no need to modify the opkg base-feeds and update. In fact, it burned me when I did. Just go straight to the 'install git' step if you have the latest image.Additionally, if you plan to use this to view the ip cam in an Andriod app, as I did, then you will need to modify the wsURL even further by including the actual IP address of the edison. While edison.local works fine on desktop browsers, it doesn't work for chrome android browser, or the webView class in Java. So, essentially replace the 'myedison.local' part of that variable with the actual IP. Al least, this was my solution...I hope this comment will save someone the time it took me to figure it out!

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