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  • Bert75 commented on funelab's instructable Arduino Air Bonsai Levitation1 year ago
    Arduino Air Bonsai Levitation

    (Clear explanations, detailed steps, great engineering at its best : kudos !)- I think you did use no integral (makes sense) and 1% differential. Is this D factor useful ?- I didn't locate the information about actual power consumption while levitating. Did you measure it ? (it's obviously under 2A at 12V)Thx for sharing this interesting and well done project.

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  • Bert75 commented on TapNDie's instructable WiFi Plant Watering ESP82661 year ago
    WiFi Plant Watering ESP8266

    A valve would not solve the siphon effect if reservoir higher than output, since the water flows in the same direction. I still haven't received the submersible pump which looks like TaNdie's : it may not sensitive to the siphon effect, and furthermore, I think some pressure is needed to flow through the tiny holes.And I do not understand your concern about power outage : no power -> no ESP, no pump and probably no wifi either. I think when power comes back, the link will be re-established and watering will be available again.I think the T is a luxury (allows to form a ring around the plant) : closing the end of the tube would do the job.

    Update : I installed a QR code scanner App (I had none except wallet), then tried again and Blynk scanned perfectly this QR code and the one I generated. Can't guarantee 100% the app solved it, but it works now. Go figure...

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