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  • How to Make a Custom Sewing Machine Case

    .Omigosh! I have been looking for plans to do this, couldn't find a thing. Thank you so much for sharing this! <3

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  • A.B. Mask - for a Nurse by a Nurse

    The placement of the binding on the masks seems to me maybe a little more difficult than it needs to be. This is the way I'm doing it:1 Iron the short edges of the fabric in 1/4" and press2) Fold the two long edges together and press again3) Unfold the long edges and fold them to the center and press yet again4) Re-fold in half (press again if necessary)and 5) Center the pressed binding on the raw edge of the mask and sew a long stitch 1/8" from the inside edge of the binding. I end up with flat ties that are 3/8" wide.

    When sewing cotton that is going to be washed repeatedly, ALWAYS pre-wash your fabric in the manner it's going to be washed in the future. That way, the fabric won't shrink after being sewn and distort the shape of the finished article.

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