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I'm an old Sailor home from the sea. I have been a maker/tinker/industrial artist all my life. The navy gave me the training to put alot of vague ideas into practice, and I haven't stopped yet.
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    Homemade Lighter

    methylated spirits is sold in auto parts stores under the brand name HEET. it also makes good fuel for backpacking stoves.

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    Table Saw Rust Removal

    wax. Lay a thick coating of car wax on the top if it's going to be stored for a while. when you're ready to use it, just buff it out. I have the same saw you have (I think, old Delta contractor saw). I took it Guam while in the Navy, and now it sits in an old barn. 24 years old and not a speck of dust on it.

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  • Making Dimensional Recycled HDPE Stock for Projects

    I saw another constructable fairly recently about a guy who used a dedicated blender for shredding/chopping into a finer form before melting. could that not be done with what you are doing? Also, a wire harness type thingamajig (love engineering nomenclature) and you could could centrifuge your cans and pipes while the material was still molten. Then dispose of the top half inch or so (where the air would give you a spongier result).

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    Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop

    I'm surprised you didn't rig a double door or garage door or such. I have an old 65x14 mobile that I'm using for storage as I build my shop. the shop is a carport sheet metal building. when the shop is done (really, are they ever?) I was going to use it as a finishing room. I heat the shop with a wood stove, the mobile is heated with a 20000 but ventless propane heater with a blower. I had to live in the mobile for a couple years, the ventless does a good job. I had a stock tank with chicks and ducklings in my living room. Then I got married and the wife has decided I need to be civilised. Made me build a house and everything.

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