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  • BlackX35 commented on TeamAwesome2013's instructable How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date2 years ago
    How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

    Hi. I'm in the 10th Grade. And their is this Girl I really deeply have a crush on so much right now. I have Know her for a short period of time and what's interesting she is in the 9th Grade I am also good friends with her. What I have noticed the last couple of weeks in a Drama Class I am aiding for. any time I am somewhere in the Drama Buliding or any where on the campus she will make eye contact with me in my Distance or looks straight my way sometimes on the campus. I really want to ask this Freshman out so much badly but I am fearing she will reject me or I will do something wrong that could rude our friendship. I really want to ask her out so much but she is hanging out with her friends a lot.I need a Lot Of Help Please...I really love and really like this girl to death Right NOW

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