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  • BobH100 commented on bennelson's instructable DIY Solar Garage1 year ago
    DIY Solar Garage

    It sure helps that you can do it yourself. It $14-20k to do one for our place. At 65 I’d be gone before it paid off. How cooperative was your utility? From what I understand from those that have gone ahead with them here had several hurdles put in the way basically because the utility doesn’t want to deal with it.

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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    I'm glad it works for you. It appears from the brackground you are west. I live an area where the electricity produced would be about one third of yours based on winter sunlight. I would have to contend with snowfalls of up to 15", that compounds light reduction. Do you have any idea of costs if you had contracted all installations? Also what maintenance would cost? Those unreported costs would mean a longer payback.

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