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  • BorgOvermind commented on danleow's instructable How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery5 months ago
    How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery

    5000mAh 18650 ?Seriously ?That's obviously fake. No such thing as an 18650 with capacity above 3700mAh.Yes, the weight difference makes a clear fake too, but it's not everything.I explained things in more detail here:

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  • BorgOvermind commented on Matlek's instructable Magnetic connectors for batteries3 years ago
    Magnetic connectors for batteries

    I like this, but you should add a note:Your solution will work only if the cell surface contact at the poles is perfectly flat. If it is not, which is the case with the majority of ripped-from-laptop-battery cells, the contact will be unable to provide sufficient current for many applications because the magnet will touch the cell only on a surface of fractions of mm. Yes, a LED will light, but something that drains high current will not function.

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