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Not many people know this about me, but I often experience gravity.


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  • I make a hook in the shape of an S in the back, though "Chainmaille is Forever" seems like a nice alternative :)

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  • Zinc does have some mild toxicity. If I remember correctly, it reacts exothermically (releases heat) with stomach acid (HCl). However, the key word is MILD. As long as you do not consume or try smelting it, you should be fine. Other than that, just use common sense: like, if you find your hands covered in metal dust, wash them. Plus zinc is a fairly common metal: it is a dietary need, is found in sunblock, and galvanization (zinc coating) is a common process for metals, etc.If you want to read more about zinc poisoning:

    Thanks for the comment! Someone else also mentioned this to me since I made this instructable. I added a footnote in the intro to reflect this.

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  • Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed this!I actually make my rings: I wind the wire around a metal rod with the aid of a handheld drill. I actually have written instructions for this (though no pictures), but I decided not to post them, mainly because I think the way I do it is a bit dangerous. I do not have a rig to hold everything in place, so I mostly just use my feet and am careful not to get anything caught in the coil! Oh, and one note on using aluminum fencing wire: in my experience, this is a nice, soft wire, but you get a lot of metal dust on your hands while handling it.

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