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  • BrendanM27 commented on Vendigroth's instructable Make a Small Blacksmith's Forge3 years ago
    Make a Small Blacksmith's Forge

    Actually... From experience, cutting or drilling 33lb a foot rail (freight line rail) is not all that difficult. If you took a good reciprocating saw, or large circular saw, with the right blades you could go through it without messing up the rails temper in a few minutes. I drilled 4 holes in the base of my section of rail to secure it to a log with a little water and tungsten carbide drill bit that I got for a couple bucks with Ryobi in about 5 minutes. You just have to do a little research. When cutting steel (or really any metle) the speed and pressure you apply while cutting are almost more important than making sure you have a sharp cutting implement.

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