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  • Bryan Smith commented on calliopeguy's instructable 20-note Street Organ2 years ago
    20-note Street Organ

    You can get plans for the John Smith busker organs here:'s pretty much the guy who started the modern homemade busker organ craze.

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  • Bryan Smith commented on StephanP1's instructable A boat from a single 2x43 years ago
    A boat from a single 2x4

    I thought the center of gravity was a bit high, but that was a great effort on your part. I would suggest you looking into the books by Percy W. Blandford who was British canoe designer who designed similar, but successful skeletonized boats covered with painted canvas. My Favorite one is titled: "Canoes and Canoeing" by Percy Blandford. It has several good designs of lite and inexpensive boats.

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