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  • CaptSnaz commented on wilgubeast's instructable 9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin3 years ago
    9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin

    It's a natural pill. - Easily found in the OTC Vitamin section of your drug store or health food store

    Coconut water tastes pretty good, too. - Mild & subtle, but good.

    Yeah, sweet. - Tylenol, Advil and all those newer products never worked for me. - I WAS able to keep my Migraines at bay for a while by taking Aspirin w/Coffee. -It helped a bit until I could get to the Doc for a Migraine prescription.

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  • CaptSnaz commented on Carleyy's instructable 25 Unique Uses for Pantyhose3 years ago
    25 Unique Uses for Pantyhose

    Also - Kitty Litter in the panty hose works as a Hang-up to remove extra moisture in the air from a damp area of one's house. Not much needed, just a few cups.

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  • CaptSnaz commented on krivas's instructable Rubber Band Lamp3 years ago
    Rubber Band Lamp

    These illustrated look like Postal Rubber Bands, which can be bought cheaply & in quantity. Thus, replace as needed from an inexpensive source.

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