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  • Use a Treadmill DC Drive Motor and PWM Speed Controller for powering tools

    1) Treadmills have excellent torque. Most electric motors develop close to full torque all the way from 0 RPM up.2) You can often buy motor/controller "pairs" off ebay for treadmills, that supposedly just need to be connected together and work. I'm not fond of canabalizing PCBs like that, especially if you're going to put it into a dusty woodworking shop and use it for hours at a time. Most treadmill controllers have a startup delay, which could be a bit of a hazard/annoyance in a shop. I'm searching for a purpose-built separate DC drive now. The MC-60 and KBIC-120 look promising.3) That speed controller is a VFD, VFDs are for AC (usually 3 phase) motors. It won't work with DC motors (most treadmill motors).

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