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Christopher Leslie James heads the Brisbane North Supercheap Storage facility and he’s definitely pumped up to do wonderful things for the business after coming from an accounting background. Finding the accounting business lacking in excitement, he wanted to move forward with a business model that is unique and added value in the market. When he met a client who was working with Supercheap Storage, Chris fell in love with the way that things were run and how the portable storage modules revo... Read More »
  • DIY Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

    The countertops look portable at the very first glance which really intrigued my interests. I have always wanted something sturdy while not looking ugly to complement the cabinets at home. The color choice also goes very well with the entire ensemble, so great job!

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  • Storage Unit From Baby Formula Cans

    Babies are such a handful aren't they! It's easy to imagine them getting through all this formula and then some and that's not cheap! It really makes me want to take my hats off to those parents who are able to keep their houses clean and even more so for those that move house when they have kids! It must be a whole operation in itself just to get them to pack!

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  • ChristopherJames commented on Wholemealhobo's instructable Modular Wooden Storage Unit2 years ago
    Modular Wooden Storage Unit

    If I had a little bit more skill with woodworking, I'd definitely save money on a self storage unit haha! Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and a some DIY to create an organization system that works for your home and helps to keep it clean and tidy! Perhaps its time for me to find a little bit of time to get better at my handiwork eh? Haha!

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  • Bin storage shelving (the easy way)

    I think that bin storage is actually pretty easy to do once you have your dimensions in! It's a pretty good idea to store documents at home too. Especially if you have a lot of them that you may or may not need to refer to once in a while. When you have a home office, you need a solution like this to make sure that all your reference data is in order!

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