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  • ClaudeR13 commented on Tiobel's instructable GPS Speedometer4 months ago
    GPS Speedometer

    Hi l love your work1 question just wondering if you could assist by modification of code to allow the data to be provided as serial input from a third party device serial output and therefore do away with the gps module related coding and hardware all together.looking forward to your reply, i am contactable via email

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  • LTE CAT-M + NB-IoT Shield for Arduino

    i have followed your instructions and still get same errorAdafruit_FONA_LTE fona = Adafruit_FONA_LTE();this is crazy i buy a shield then have to spend many hours for several days trying to get it to perform basic functions

    Hi,I am in Australia, are you telling me that I cannot use a 3/4g lte sim from Australia in this board ???

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