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  • ComposerX commented on mr_man's instructable High-Brightness LED Grow-Light3 years ago
    High-Brightness LED Grow-Light

    Those lamps you showed at the top, the regular, cree, LAMPS, lights, how many would you need for 300 watts and is it worth it, what spectruc for veg and flower, am reading white is the way now and CREE has a new COB with 100 diodes at 303 LUMENS per watts. I believe each chip is 100 watts, if so thats an HPS killer right there = any advice appreciated, I will build if someone will guide, I can start telling you the part, amps, Ma, meters, et-cetera, its a beta test, 2 for me and hoping this is the one, this one I’m doing now but would like all LED, Also, what are these: grow light 1D.schIts a file obviously but my mac would not open it! Thanks

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  • ComposerX commented on earthineer5825's instructable DIY Off Grid LED Grow Light3 years ago
    DIY Off Grid LED Grow Light

    would you be able to use a driver and do this?

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