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  • I'm just terrible at coding. Building robots and stuff and picking apart other people's code I can do but writing my own from scratch is a no go for me. What you just said though about controlling the esc may be helpful if I give it a try again. Right now my only Arduino that's not in use has an issue where I can't upload to it no matter what I do. I'll have to order a new one to try again.

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  • I have the Losi night crawler 2.0. I've been dying to make it autonomous with Arduino but never managed to get past controlling the esc :(

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  • DNMEBOY commented on bwayne64's instructable 27 Led Light Mod

    Don't get me wrong, I'm it saying reverse polarity won't hurt leds, I'm just saying in my experience luckily it hasn't been an issue for me. I'm also not working with high voltage on my leds.

    I've worked with many, many leds, mainly with Arduino and adding them to my rc vehicles and never once had an led burned up or popped from reverse polarity. They just don't work with reverse polarity. Set it properly and they work fine even after reversing it.If you dump too much voltage and current into an led it has the potential to pop.I was actually wondering about this instructsbke becsuse I'd imagine that something designed to run on 4.5v isn't going to handle 12v very well at all for very long. I'm not surprised it works on 6v but surely the lifespan of the light will be decreased.

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