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  • Quadcopter With Nodemcu and Blynk(Without Flight Controller)

    If that is true, then the NoceMCU becomes a flight controller!!!

    This instructable is a complete lie and should be removed. It tricks people into thinking it's possible to build a drone without a flight controller. It is simply impossible. The flight controller is responsible to change the speed of the 4 motors in order to keep it balanced. It does this by rapidly read a gyro and adjust the motor speeds. Even IF you would add a gyro to this instructable, it would STILL be a lie, because then the NodeMCU board becomes the flight controller!

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  • DanieleT15 commented on EvanKale's instructable Bluetooth PS2 Controller7 months ago
    Bluetooth PS2 Controller

    I doubt it. According to his schematics, he is not even connecting the power to the motors.

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  • DanieleT15 commented on danleow's instructable How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery1 year ago
    How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery

    Yes, this is correct. I find it very strange that he does not mark the 5000mAh as "fake". What exactly does he mean by fake anyways? Fake as in "not holding the advertised charge" or fake as in "is not authentic based on the brand"? If a battery advertises as being able to hold 5000mAh and then tests shows that it can't, I would consider that battery a fake. And as a battery of the size of a 18650 just physically CAN'T have more than 3500mAh, ALL batteries advertising more than 3500mAh should automatically be considered fake.

    3.2v? That is not correct at all. Just look at the datasheet of a LG Choco 18650 battery. It's cut-off voltage is 2.5v. Even most battery chargers like the IMAX B6 will discharge down to 3.0v when testing batteries.

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  • DanieleT15 commented on planetleak's instructable ESP8266 TV remote for Homekit2 years ago
    ESP8266 TV remote for Homekit

    Why do you need the Raspberry Pi? Can't you just implement a HomeKit Server on the ESP8266 directly?

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