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  • DavidL138 commented on v1nce_nt's instructable The Wooden Globe
    The Wooden Globe

    Thank you for the beautiful explanation about the woods. I wish every project developer would explain why they chose the materials they used. It builds ideas and confidence before beginning a project. I’ll go through your project very carefully as I desire to add your globe to my collection. This was my first impression of your project and wanted to thank you for it.

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  • Before I retired over 10 years ago I was both an MCSE and programmer. I was expert in Windows, MacOS and Unix. Because of my years as a manager of an R&D lab I grew to like and appreciate Apple. Yes, sometimes limiting but much more secure.

    Very well written! Also easy to follow. Is there a solution using a Mac instead of a PC? I don't do Windows. Nope, not ever.

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  • it can easily become variable.

    The wire colors shoud be universal. Some PC power supplies have just one main connector, others have two half-size. In addition, there should be one to three smaller connectors that supply 3.3 and 5 vdc.

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  • Mine will not have any side door. Only way in will be through the hatchback. I will add two side windows and the cloth will also be screened. I'll take photos and post here.

    I am working on a very similar. It will be 48" wide and 7' long. It will only be a sleeper. The rear will be a hatch-back type opening with a canvas or nylon screen to enclose it. I like what you did here.

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  • Nicely done. I've studied Orrey's for many years. To make this to scale you would need an Orrey with a diameter of 80 cm (32 inches) and the moon would be the diameter of a very small brass rod and the earth 1 mm.As I read through your instructions (very good, BTW), I wondered if you inverted the Orrey (ring gears), made them out of tinted clear plexiglass and stacked them inside a clear plexiglass cylinder. The gear train would stack 2 or 3 feet high with the planets hovering above that. Makes for an interesting project.

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  • DavidL138 commented on ssmithwi's instructable MFT My Fabulous Table

    My next project! It's a workspace environment desperately needed in my garage. Tired of using my table saw top for cutting and assembly area. I will look at installing a router jig to it. The router would have to be removable, of course.

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