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  • David_Sp commented on TinkerJim's instructable LightBot

    Thank you for this wonderful circuit! My first attempt lasted about 11 months, on a pair of inexpensive batteries!I have copied and modified this (3D printed chassis) and taught it to 10-12 year olds at Maker Space workshops at my local public library and at home school co-op. Thank you again for sharing this design. It has brought smiles to many students!

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  • Make a Document Camera Out of an Old Box and a Mirror.

    When I made this, and shared from my laptop, I see a correct direction image and I can connect this to a big screen and get a correct direction image. When I use this for a video class, the student saw a mirror image. What can I do so the student sees are correct image (not a mirror image)?

    When I did this, the image on my screen became a mirror, but the image on the receiving screen was not changed.I am 4 1/2 hours frustrated, including wearing out the patience of two different friends, while they tried to help me.Thank you for your reply, but I am still missing something. Perhaps if I try to "Share my screen" in Zoom, instead of allowing Zoom to use my camera? I will try that tomorrow. Any other suggestions you have, I am interested. Your Instructable could be a wonderful help for me in teaching STEM activities, where the sequence is important and the details (on a solderless breadboard) requires close visual inspection (not 2 meter social distance), so I really want to be able to replicate your success!

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  • David_Sp commented on Patchr_io's instructable 555 Timer - LED Blinkie
    555 Timer - LED Blinkie

    Can I order the board that you have already designed? How much does it cost for 12 boards? I am looking for a project to teach 10-12 year olds how to solder on a printed circuit board, and yours looks like it has large enough pads for beginners!

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  • Night Light Motion & Darkness Sensing - No Micro

    Thank you! This is easier to understand.

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  • Night Light Motion & Darkness Sensing - No Micro

    I cannot find a photo of your circuit board. The text included the statement " can see from my circuit board..."The project sounds great, especially not using a microcontroller! Can you add a photo of your circuit board?

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  • David_Sp commented on TinkererWay's instructable The Light Badge
    The Light Badge

    Can I purchase this printed circuitboard? Two for practice first, then later 20 for Maker Space workshop.

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  • Retro Prototyping, Great for Teaching

    I have used this project in Maker Space Hands On Workshops at the public library:age 10 -14, no prior experience required, 8-10 students per workshop. Also taught in home school co-op class. Total students so far: 34. Planned in 2019: 56. Thank you for this wonderful project. Students who have never touched a soldering iron are given the experience of successfully using this tool. This is much better as a student's first soldering experience than a printed circuit board, with close tolerances and a high risk of overheating a transistor. The pictures show two students, using a soldering iron.Thank you for this tremendous teaching project!

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