i'm a person who dosn't believe in "i can't". sometimes you just have to. and when you can't afford it, you just have to make it. needless to say i spend most of my money on tools of all sorts, and save anything that might be able to be used to fix or make something. i'm a musician, wood and metal worker, i do Auto Body for a living, and mechanical work as i need to. i love natuse and the outdoors, and am a survivalist as needed. i'm an eagle scout, and i owe alot of my skills to, my gran…


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  • Very cool design! What kind of steel did you use? Since my instruct able I have been learning a lot about better knife and blade making. The blades I had made are not of as high carbon as would be good for knives, tho the method aside from needing hardened and tempered is still good. I'm honored to have inspired you and it is a beautiful design. I encourage you to research " good knife steel" and hardning and tempering for the steel you use. Awesome work. Keep at it :)

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