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  • DianeW58 commented on SNLouise's instructable DIY Travel Pillow

    As someone who spends a fair amount of time on a bus or riding ashotgun, I can certainly appreciate the usefulness of this invention.It may look a bit goofy, like one of those peculiar inventions - but it is much better than pounding your head against the windowfor several hours or making some makeshift pillow from a sweater.Once we were traveling in Europe on a bus trip for quite a while - and I didn't sleep really well before that, so I just thattraveling time to get some sleep, although the real rest is always ina good bed, in my opinion.

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  • Geeky AND sentimental! I love it already. But I don't want to be shocked, so work on isolation, please >)

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  • I would recommend try out some coriander - grows reasonably well, especially in the greenhouse, and I likeused crushed seeds in salads.Green leaves can also be used.Mint is a great addition to most of main courses. It is veryrefreshing, especially if it's home-grown.It also makes for some interesting cocktails and a great herbal teawith some calming properties: yes, as you pointed out, it is quite easy to grow.

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