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  • DickieT commented on framistan's instructable Repair Your Clogged Coffee Maker3 years ago
    Repair Your Clogged Coffee Maker

    Thanks for the pics! Because of you I was able to figure out our problem & signed up to this site as another person below had just to thank you. We have a Mr.Coffee latte maker & a very small removable filter(?) the size & shape of a hollow pencil eraser with teeny holes on the end covered the valve ball area of the water intake hose. It was clogged, I think, & after soaking & cleaning it, it wouldn't stay put in its original spot without clogging. So I just removed it and enjoyed the coffee-making properties of the machine again, all without having to take the machine apart!!!! Super careful now to take the basket out of the machine to fill it with a paper filter & coffee in case those tiny holes were there for the reason I think they were...

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